LGRC is an automated revenue collection system, designed for Local and State Governments to collect revenue – Rate, Levy, License etc,  from potential tax payers within locality. LGRC System is designed to bring un-taxable informal sector into State/Local Govt tax net  and guarantee immediate increase in monthly revenue by more than 500%. LGRC is a Tax management system designed with a cutting edge  technology to operate both on front-end (pos terminals) and back-end (Web/Data Server) platforms.

LGRC solution is developed to optimize Local Government revenue collection(s) process by eliminating Tax evasion, Tax avoidance, Poor assessment and fraudulent practice of  some Tax Collectors. The enrolment feature and accurate reporting of this application provide instant access to tax payer’s information  that would have taken too much time and energy to fetch from hard-copy records. The issued LGRC Card is designed to keep payment records and to provide identification to all tax payer enrolled in the scheme.



  • Generate revenue to meet Local Government expenditure.
  • Redistribute wealth among the citizen to reduce poverty and promote social welfare.
  • Stabilize economic price by curbing inflation.
  • Enhance economic growth.


LGRC application is running on two platforms namely: Web Portal Platform and Pos Terminal Platform and these are driven by all stake-holders – Processor, Issuer, Task-Force, Agents and Tax Payer.

A processor in this project is Helpline Telecoms Nig Ltd, the company that builds and manages LGRC platform. Issuer is Local Government that uses the platform to execute enrolment and tax collection. A taskforce is a tax administrator company appointed by Issuer (Local Government) with a mission to manage Agents to effectively use pos terminal to validate and top-up tax payer LGRC card as scheduled.

Issuer, Taskforce and Agent are equipped with a robust web portal program to manage the LGRC application for: data entry, reporting, user privilege and wallet deposit.

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