LGRC Solution is efficiently designed to automatically process all revenue types such as; License/Permit, Rate, Levy etc.

The benefits are highlighted below:

  • Simplicity

    LGRC application Interface (web-portal and pos terminal) is very interactive and simple to use by Issuer, Taskforce and Agent.

  • Scalability

    LGRC application is designed to manage unlimited number of tax payer and tax type with ability to accommodate future expansion.

  • Flexibility

    LGRC application is developed with inbuilt intelligence to accurately evaluate tax payers by using some parameters such as; location, size, and nature of business during enrolment, to calculate tax amount accurately.

  • Efficiency

    LGRC application is designed to eliminate loses that may arise from: Fraud, Tax Evasion, Poor assessment of tax value and Penalties during tax administration. It reminds the tax payer and collection officer (agent) when payment is due and automatically applies penalty/nuisance charge if tax payer fails to pay as at when due. Use of LGRC application in Local Government area will guarantee immediate increase in IGR (Internally Generated Revenue) by 500%.

  • Employment

    employThe use of LGRC in Local Government area is not to dismantle existing employment structure but to enhance its efficiency. A local Government area shall engage the service of at least two Taskforce companies with a minimum of ten agents per taskforce for effective coverage of Local Government area. This implies direct employment of at least 20 youths within the local government area.

  • Low Cost of Administration:

    low-costOne of the benefits of LGRC system is low cost of administration. This system is designed such that cost of operation is shared among the stake-holders – Processor, Issuer and Taskforce. Processor (Helpline Telecoms Nig Ltd) build, operate and maintain LGRC platforms, Issuer (Local Government) acquire and issue LGRC card to every tax payer during enrolment, while Taskforce (Tax administrator company) acquire pos terminals for her agents to collect tax revenue on behalf of Issuer.

  • Low Cost of Implementation

    The cost of acquiring GL-11 POS and production of LGRC Cards shall be incurred by Processor (Helpline Telecoms) and this shall be paid by issuer (Local Government) from tax revenue collected, within 3 months after 60 day certification period.

  • Equipment Tolerance

    Every POS terminal in LGRC ecosystem is equipped with backup battery and designed to operate in offline mode. ‘Equipment Tolerance’ is put into consideration to be able to operate in remote area without electricity and internet access.

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