LGRC application is running on two platforms namely: Web Portal Platform and POSTerminal Platform and these are driven by all stake-holders – Processor, Issuer, Task-Force, Agents and Tax Payer.
A processor in this project is Helpline Telecoms Nig Ltd, the company that builds and manages LGRC platform. Issuer is Local Government that uses the platform to execute enrolment and tax collection. A taskforce is a tax administrator company appointed by Issuer (Local Government) with a mission to manage Agents to effectively use pos terminal to validate and top-up tax payer LGRC card as scheduled.
Issuer, Taskforce and Agent are equipped with a robust web portal program to manage the LGRC application for: data entry, reporting, user privilege and wallet deposit.

Also, LGRC is efficiently designed to process all revenue type as listed below:
License/ Permit

1. Hotel Liquor License
2. Club Liquor License
3. Whole Sales Liquor License
4. Brick Making/ Block Industry License
5. Baker House License
6. Cattle Dealer/ Butcher License
7. Guest House/ Hotel License
8. TV/Radio Permit, etc


1. Lock up Stall Rate
2. Plank/Container Shed Rate
3. Open Stall Rate, etc

1. Daily Motor Park Levy for Truck
2. Daily Motor Park Levy for Bus
3. Daily Motor Park Levy for Car
4. Daily Motor Park Levy for Tri-Cycle
5. Daily Motor Park Levy for Motor-Cycle.
6. Daily Jetty Levy for Canoe/Speed Boat. etc

Every potential tax payer shall be enrolled and equipped with LGRC Card for identification and tax payment.

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